Technical Procurement

Technical Procurement

We provide servicing, materials and equipment procurement and distribution logistics service to the maritime sector, providing a 24 hour/ 365 day response to nominated addresses and ships throughout the world.

We co-ordinate and consolidate all tendering, purchasing and distribution activities, expediting, performance monitoring, recording, reporting, vendor rating and on-going supplier negations on behalf of a wide variety of clients.

NUE Offshore is not exclusively linked to any one manufacturer or supplier and hence clients can rely on a wholly unbiased approach in support of this activity. We are the single point of contact and ensure that prices are continually competitive for all purchases.

We operate to the highest levels of quality assurance in procurement and distribution activities, which are fully assessed, covering all aspects of technical assessment, design, procurement, logistics and storage activities. With an efficient distribution system, we continually strive to source for appropriate products locally and from around the world in order to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Head Protection

Providing a wide range of safety helmets, bump hats and accessories for industries where head safety equipment is compulsory.
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Safety Glasses

For industries where eye protection is mandatory and there is a high risk of eye injuries, the range from Protec Direct will provide the safety required.
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Face Protection

From browguards to visors, the range of face protection protects against chemical splashes, metal impacts and other hazards.
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Hand Protection

Gloves, armguards and protective sleeves provide protection from a vast array of hazards that could cause injury to hands.
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Safety Footwear

Safety footwear includes boots, trainers and anti-slip footwear to provide protection for employees.
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