N.U.E Offshore Resources Limited

We are an Offshore Ship Owner and Operator, providing our clients and partners with enhanced ship management operations and marine services.

Founded in Lagos, Nigeria and registered in 2014, our growth has been cemented by our ambitions to deliver a globally recognized service. As ship owner we understand the need for a holistic ship management service to support complex offshore operations.

Our in-house chartering team lead complex operations for some of the largest Oil Majors and Ship Managers around the world provide g uaranteed reliability 24/7. Maritime security is at the forefront of our offering bring in decades worth of experience we actively implement risk management procedures to ensure safe and secure operations in Nigeria and West Africa.

NUE Offshore Resources is a fully registered and insurance company, please contact our development team for any further information.

Our Mission

To contribute in a secure and socially responsible manner to the sustainable development of the maritime and offshore support services industry in Nigeria and the entire Gulf of Guinea.

Corporate Objective

Provide end to end ship management operations of our security offshore vessels including crew management, ship management and complex marine procurement.

Our Vision

To be a market leader providing secure and safe world class marine operations utilizing our offshore vessels, whilst expanding the frontiers with exceeding grace.