Marine Operations

Marine Operations Services

We own and maintain a fleet of Fast Support Intervention Vessels (FSIVs), Platform Support Vessels (PSVs), and Crew Transfer/ Surfer Vessels.

We support a wide range of marines operations in West Africa including, but not exclusive to Security Escorts, Crew Transfer, Supply Operations and Long term Offshore Operations.

Our primary marine services include:

  • Secure Vessels Operations
  • Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Crew selection and training
  • Oil pollution- Contingency Response Plan
  • Pollution and Contingency Response Services
  • Safety and Security Audit
  • Surveys
  • Voyage performance monitoring

Our focus is on asset and personnel protection with implement enhanced risk management. We have an effective and efficient maintenance program keeping our vessels operational at all times, thus achieving continuous operations without breakdowns or off-hire situations. Our staff view ship management from an Owner-Client perspective, giving priority to safety, preventive maintenance and flawless operations.

How to Contact Us

You may contact us with your questions or comments regarding this service or our other services:

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By Phone: +234(0) 816 903 1776